Cheapest Honda Car in Nigeria Available for Sale

If you are on a budget right now, and considering Honda, that’s a good decision. We have some specific model years of Honda that are cheaper, and they still look good even though they may be older. Compared to Toyota, Honda cars have lower demands, which is the reason for their lower prices, according to enthusiasts.

While Honda might be affordable, it’s still a uniquely strong vehicle for Nigerian roads. The parts are readily available, and maintenance is cheaper than some of the more expensive brands you’ll find. Now, we have some options for the cheapest Honda in Nigeria for your pocket right now.

Cheapest Honda Car in Nigeria

Honda Accord 2002

Bring 900k and take home this Honda Accord 2002—Nigerian used. Also available are newer Honda Accord 2002 and upwards with clean body, chilling AC, and sound engine.

Something about this 2002 Accord is that it’s a mix of luxury and cheap. A lot of people are going to advise you to buy a Honda, and they are right if you value affordable luxury.

Honda Accord is notorious for leg issues. But for 900k million, a good Nigerian used will do the job. Honda is generally a lovely vehicle, and a lot luxurious compared to Toyota.

Honda Accord 2007 EX-L

2.5 million naira isn’t cheap for everyone. But if this amount is cheap within your means, you need a 2007 Honda Accord EX-L. We have trustworthy dealers that will hand you the keys to a Honda Accord EX-L in good condition. Again, this Honda is luxurious and stylish all through.

All you need to do is change the oil as recommended, and it’s a promise that your vehicle’s engine will be reliable. Unless it’s for minor touch ups such as brake pads, you don’t need a mechanic. You only need them for maintenance and to check the tire rod ends and front shafts once in a while.

This car is fuel efficient but not as good as the Toyota Camry in this department. However, Honda is a lot more of a performance car than Camry, and is better for long distance travels. But just so you know, the models from 2009 are a lot more fuel efficient.

Honda Pilot 2006

Honda Pilot 2006 is available for 2.5m, it’s really cheap at this rate. The Pilot is a V6, so don’t expect it to act like an i4 engine in terms of fuel consumption. But it’s not a fuel guzzler compared to Mitsubishi and Pathfinder of its class and size. It has a strong, durable engine and reliable components. However, you have to drain or service your gear in time to prevent gear sensor failure.

If you need a cheaper Honda car in Nigeria for traveling, and a 4 wheel drive than a Highlander, get the Honda Pilot, courtesy of its VTM 4 lock. You’ll travel a lot without getting stranded. You’ll also enjoy a spacious room than found in Highlander.

Honda City 2005

1.5 million naira can buy you this Honda City 2005. This is a very good car for smooth driving and an excellent fuel economy that is second to none. Honda City is also less expensive to maintain. You may only have to replace the CVT transmission oil every 40,000 miles or if you notice strange jerking (automatic). The Honda City 2005 engine won’t give you problems. Just make sure to use 5W30 synthetic oil at the recommended intervals, and you’re good to go.

Honda CR-V 2005

1.5 million can get a 2001 CR-V model but let’s talk about the CR-V 2005. You’ll need as cheap as 2.5 million naira for a Nigerian used Honda CR-V 2005. The CRV is very spacious and very strong enough to haul loads. Also, very balanced and decent for traveling with excellent fuel economy. It also has beautiful styling. You can pimp a CR-V to appear much more beautiful than someone who tries the same on a Toyota RAV4.

Honda Odyssey 2007

A Nigerian used Honda Odyssey 2007 costs as cheap as 2m in Nigeria. Yes, Odyssey is a powerful vehicle with cheap maintenance. It is also very reliable that you seldom have to replace the parts. Some enthusiasts in Nigeria describe this car as the best in its class.

If you buy this car, all you really have to do is change the oil and filter regularly—these are all very important to keep this vehicle in good shape. You’ll occasionally have to lube the sliding doors and the ignition key hole with dry lube due to a broken cylinder pin/wafer.

These are 6 cheap Honda cars in Nigeria available right now for serious buyers. Make sure you bring your mechanic to do the needful before paying and driving home. For toks of the same Honda models, you’d have to pay extra. These are all Nigerian used Honda cars, just so you know.

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