Cars Below 5m in Nigeria [Toks & Nigerian Used Available]

5 million naira is just enough to get you a good Nigerian used or tokunbo car. However, with the way cars are expensive these days, it won’t get you a dream car. But we still have used cars available within this range, both Nigerian used and tokunbo. It will still do the job of taking you from point A to point B. Many cars we have at this rate are from direct sellers and not middlemen or dealers who typically increase the prices.

There are many cars below 5m in Nigeria. However, the average internet Joe will tell you that you can’t find a car at this rate. Well, you can, and we have a lot of them looking for serious buyers.

Cars Below 5m in Nigeria

Honda Accord 2013

With 5 million naira, you can buy this Nigerian used Honda Accord 2013 and upwards, clean body, chilling AC, and sound engine. Now, something about this ‘013 Accord is that it’s a mix of luxury and affordability. A lot of people are going to say, “Go for Honda,” and they are right if you value affordable luxury.

Honda Accord is notorious for leg issues but not with the most recent models. With 5 million, a good Nigerian used will do the job. You can also pay for tokunbo with this amount. Honda is generally a lovely vehicle, and a lot luxurious compared to Toyota.

Volkswagen CC 2015

If you need something stylish for 5 million naira, buy this Volkswagen CC 2015. It comes with 2.0L turbocharged engine, leather interior, panoramic sunroof, bi-xenon headlights, 18″ alloy wheels, rearview camera. It’s not the cheapest to maintain due to part availability but if well-maintained, you have nothing to worry about.

Nissan Maxima 2014

The Nissan Maxima 2014 is a very good car, and an affordable one at that for a Nigerian used. The CVT is an issue for higher torque engines like 3.5. But for reliability, buy the 2.5 engine. Nissan Maxima cars around 2012 come with a drain bolt on the CVT, so you can change the fluid yourself. You can also consider the Nissan Murano since it’s exactly the same engine transmission and structure as the Maxima.

Honda Civic 2013

Below 5 million naira, you can buy Honda Civic 2013 in Nigeria. It is available with a clean body, sound engine, medium-high mileage, and chilling AC. It’s a simple, beautiful, and reliable car. Yes, Honda has good resale value but not as fast as the Toyota.

Honda Civic is a good choice below 5m, especially the 2013 gen. They generally have good reviews and are cheaper to maintain in terms of parts.

Fortunately, you won’t experience the leg pulling off like other Honda models. Civic 2013 is a good alternative to a Corolla due to the cost of owning a Toyota Corolla right now.

Hyundai Elantra 2014

Yet another affordable car with good reliability for Nigerian roads. Hyundai Elantra 2014 has a fuel-efficient engine at par with corolla. It is very spacious, and available for sale with neat interior and exterior.

No, the Hyundai Elantra is not a thief magnet, compared to Toyota Corolla (particularly the bank type). The parts are available and it is reasonably priced at just under 5 million naira.

The only con with this car is the same as every other car we have in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the Elantra doesn’t have the same resale value as the Corolla but it comes close, except that Nigerians choose to worship Toyota. If you buy this 2014 Elantra for 5m now, you might resell at 3m after 2-3 years of good maintenance.

Toyota Camry 2010

Nigeria is majorly known for Toyota, and Camry is the people’s car. A lot of this is that Toyota Camry is reliable for Nigerian roads, and has good resale qualities, just like an iPhone. If you eventually consider an upgrade, your Camry will resell much faster and for a fair price. Camry is also a good car for Bolt. We have a Nigerian used Camry 2010 available with a second body, neat interior and exterior, sound engine and gearbox, and complete papers. You won’t see 2010 toks for 5 million naira.

Lexus RX 330 2004

Lexus are fancy Toyotas with better-looking interior and driving dynamics. If you like the RX 330, then it’s a go-to vehicle parts and mechanics readily available. You only owe this car the responsibility of regularly servicing and changing whatever fluid needs changing on time. 2004 is when Toyota introduced the 2nd generation RX with the 3.3L V6. However, RX has a recall history that was meant to fix the dashboard due its prone nature to cracking. It was an aesthetic thing, so look out for it.

As for the maintenance, if it has exceeded 90-100k miles, you should change the timing belt and water pump. Otherwise, you only have to change fluids and look out for leaks. Overall, this is a reliable car under 5 million naira that won’t leave you stranded.

Lexus IS 250 AWD Automatic 2011

You can buy this Lexus IS 250 below 5 million naira—Nigerian used. However, this car will make some IS 350 owners feel superior. Even with that, you won’t hear a lot of IS 250 owners talk down the car. You won’t have many issues or something to complain about this car.

Compared to the IS 350, it’s a bit slower but not so slow, especially in ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission) power mode. This car is just fast enough, and you may not really need that much speed for something you might very rarely use.

Acura MDX 2009

Buy this Acura MDX 2009 if you need a car that doesn’t have the transmission issues found in some. The MDX has an oil consumption issue but is not supposed to be a problem for 2009. The interior and exterior designs of this car are just so nice—not many will believe that you actually paid 5 million naira for it.

There have been reports that the HFL bluetooth unit can cause battery drain, so look out for that. Another known problem you might face with this 2009 MDX is the suspension in the sport version. They tend to fail and replacement can be expensive. But in general, the Acura MDX 2009 is a very reliable car for Nigerian road.

Don’t forget to bring your mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection before you pay for any of these affordable, used cars.

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