Cars Below 800k in Nigeria [Distress Sales]

We understand that you only have 800k for a car right now. It’s a low budget, even with the tough economy in the country. However, there is someone out here who is ready to sell for as cheap as 800,000 either because they want to upgrade or need money to travel out. This is the kind of person you want to buy a used car from if you can’t afford toks. If possible, avoid middlemen—they are the reason we typically pay more money.

From experience, you need a car on distress sale. You don’t even have to search online. Ask around because word of mouth travels faster than you think, and you’ll see someone willing to sell cheaper. Even at that, tokunbo are usually better but more expensive than 800,000 naira. That’s not to say you can’t find good Nigerian used cars—it’s just limited in availability.

Cars Below 800k in Nigeria

Honda Baby Boy

Honda Baby Boy is available. It comes with a factory engine, clean exterior, factory AC, factory gearbox, neat leather seats, and first body. No issues at all, and you’ll receive papers. Full custom duty paid and documents expiring next year.

Hyundai Accent 07

Buy Hyundai Accent 2007 in the following condition:

  • Sound Engine
  • Chilling AC
  • Working gear
  • Sound engine
  • Battery needs replacement

Honda Civic

Honda Civic also available below 800k in Nigeria with sound engine and working gear. The AC is cooling, comes with a neat interior and exterior baked on first body.

Toyota Sienna for Sale

You’ll find this distress sale on Toyota Sienna with a clean interior and exterior. AC needs attention. Otherwise, the tyres are good and the engine and gear work perfectly.

Opel Zafira

This car is available but it has problems with parts availability. Available with working engine and gear, first body (manual gear), and AC chilling.

Mazda 626 Wagon 2000

Get this Mazda 626 Wagon 2000 with a manual gear. The fuel economy is very good for personal use or transport and logistics. This car is purely buy and drive with a smooth sounding engine and good shocks.

Volkswagen Golf 3

Volkswagen Golf 3 available in the following condition:

  • Manual gear
  • Good engine
  • Chilling AC
  • Second body
  • The owner is a woman who loves cars
  •  Selling to travel out

04 Honda CRV

Buy 04 Honda CRV with sound engine, working gear, and in generally good condition. Car body needs an upgrade to taste. Otherwise, it is a buy and drive deal.

Kia Rio

Distress sale Kia Rio with neat interior and exterior, factory fitted air condition, and chilling AC. Available for 750k, just 50k below 800k, and is negotiable.

Toks Toyota RAV4 1999

If you like 90s car, RAV4 1999 is available in the following condition:

  • Factory fitted first body
  • Non accidented
  • Cooling air condition
  • Automatic gear transmission working
  • Factory fitted seats and stereo
  • Tin cleared
  • Alloy wheels
  • All necessary documents intact

Toyota Corolla

You need a car below 800k that is bank type and manual transmission, get this Toyota Corolla. Comes in the following condition;

  • first body
  • Sound engine
  • Gear selecting properly
  • Neat interior and exterior
  • Good tyres
  • AC needs gas

RAV4 2000

Buy a RAV4 2000 available for distress sale. The AC needs attention; otherwise, this car is a buy and drive.

Nissan Primera

Comes with first body and 4 plug engine. Available for sale in good condition, including the automatic gear and engine. First body with a neat interior with exterior. All documents are intact and valid.

Volvo S80 Saloon Car

Foreign used and just above 800,000 naira. It has a 6 cylinder, petrol engine, alloy wheels, and leather interior.

Honda EOD

Honda Accord is a sleek all rounder with strong body, excellent fuel economy, optimized engine, fuel economy, and cheap maintenance. Don’t buy any model less than 2007 due to gear and ball joints problems.

Peugeot 406

This distress deal is in very good and pristine conditions. Peugeot 406 manual drive is available painted on first body, and has good fuel economy.

Toyota Camry 2000

An untempered engine and gear, chilling AC and spacious leg room. Everything is perfect, including the ownership papers.

Volkswagen Golf 4 Wagon

Available in first body with AC chilling. It’s a buy and drive deal from an owner with good maintenance history.

Tips That Will Help You in Buying a Used Car

It can be stressful but worth it when you are carefully looking for a used car below 800k. However, avoid German cars if you can. As for Peugeot, you will deal with electrical issues even though it’s a good car. The problem is that many mechanics here can’t diagnose a car properly, read codes and fix issues without calling an electrician for testing bulbs, which is a trial and error mindset that won’t solve the problem well.

An 800k vehicle means that you now have to prioritize reliability, low fuel consumption, and cheap maintenance over aesthetics. You can even settle with a Toyota below 1 million depending on your budget. One thing with Toyota is that you’ll sell it at the same price you bought it when upgrading, as long as you maintain it well.

Just because 800k cars are limited, do not buy a parked car on the roadside, no matter how cheap it is. If the price is unrealistic and too good to be true, then it’s not true.

Also, it’s always better to buy a Nigerian used car from the direct owner because they have first hand knowledge of the car. A dealer or a middleman is only interested in their pocket, and can’t tell you the truth.

If you decide to buy a Nigerian used car without a service history, talk to the seller about taking it to a verified auto workshop for an assessment of the car, including AC, electrical system, brakes, transmission, fuel injection system, suspension etc.

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