Toyota Cars Below 1 Million Naira

Toyota is one of the brands that has been serving Nigerians for years, and it’s perfect for Nigerian roads. So, right now, if you have 1 million naira for Toyota, you’ll still get it but it won’t be your dream car. We have Nigerian used available for this price, but you won’t find toks or tokunbo under 1,000,000.

We have Toyota cars below 1 million naira from direct sellers only because middlemen and dealers won’t sell good condition ones at this rate. Don’t forget to bring your mechanic after seeing the available deals.

Toyota Cars Below 1 Million Naira

Toyota Sienna 2000

Toyota Sienna 2000 is available with working gear, chilling AC, and neat interior and exterior for serious buyers. It’s available as buy and drive with complete papers.

Toyota Corolla 2004

You can also buy this Toyota Corolla 2004 model just below a million naira. It is a first body Nigerian used, and first registration engine. AC and gear are working perfectly. Nothing to fix.

Toyota Yaris 2003

Toyota Yaris 2003 is available at ₦650,000, and it is foreign used with the following:

  • No mechanical issue
  • Good condition
  • Chilling AC
  • Sound engine
  • Papers available

Fairly Used Toyota Camry For Sale

Buy a Nigerian used Toyota Camry in good condition. There is nothing to fix, and it is owned by a civil servant, not a businessman who will drive it from morning till night.

Working perfectly with a clean interior and available for serious buyers only.

Toyota Corolla (Tokunbo)

Toyota Corolla is also available below 1 million in Nigeria in the following condition:

  • Automatic transmission,
  • Fabric interior
  • Working AC
  • Sound engine
  • Alloy wheels

This car is very good for Bolt because it saves a lot of fuel, and repairs are much cheaper. The reason Corolla is more expensive right now is due to market demand; otherwise, nothing really special.

Toyota Yaris Sport 2008

With just 1.1 million naira, you can buy a foreign used 2008 Yaris Sport. It comes with factory AC, a very sound engine, and new tyres. Yaris is also a very good car for Uber.

2005 Toyota Matrix

You can buy a 2005 Toyota Matrix with untouched engine and gear. Other interesting details about this vehicle:

  • Neat exterior and interior
  • Price is 1.9m (not really under 1m.
  • Used by a woman
  • Chilling AC
  • Good tyre condition
  • Baked on first body

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris is also available in manual drive. Everything works very well, except the AC compressor. It has a very good fuel economy. In fact, a motorcycle takes more fuel than this vehicle. It’s very good for Uber and private use.

Toks Toyota RAV4 1999

If you fancy a 90s car for work, there is a foreign used Toyota RAV4 1999 for sale. It comes in the following condition:

  • Non accidented
  • Factory fitted first body, stereo, and seats
  • Automatic gear transmission (working perfectly)
  • Cooling air conditioning
  • Alloy wheels
  • All ownership documents intact

You can price this car all the way down to ₦700,000 if you have good bargaining skills.

Toyota Camry (tiny light)

Tiny light Toyota Camry for sale with sound engine and gear. AC is chilling. It has a beautiful interior and exterior. Available for Lagos residents. The price is 1.650m but slightly negotiable.

Tips When Buying a Used Toyota

For a Toyota car under 1 million, don’t expect so much, especially if it is Nigerian used. If you fancy toks, then you’ll see something just above 1 million naira.

When buying a Toyota, don’t trust anything the seller tells you. That’s why it’s even better to buy offline after spreading word of mouth that you need a car at this rate. You’ll mainly know this car when you arrive for physical inspection, so don’t pay before pre-purchase inspection.

When you arrive, verify if the ownership is legit. If the seller claims that the registered owner is not available, don’t buy. Now, let’s see the things you’ll look at.

1. Inspect the Body

Don’t expect to buy a first body Nigerian used Toyota for 1 million. But that doesn’t mean you won’t see one. A first body means that a car hasn’t been panel beaten and filled with fillers before repainting. Usually, it’s toks that you can trust to be first body but even Nigerian used can be first body too if the direct owner is a careful driver.

2. Check the Interior

Check if the interior is falling apart or still in good shape. If it only needs cleaning and a bit of work, that’s okay. Don’t expect a luxury interior. If the interior has a bad smell, it means it has been parked unused for a long time. You really have to be careful here.

3. Inspect the Engine

Check if the engine has been opened or worked on before. It’s very likely that the engine has been worked on at some point, unless you are pricing a distress sale deal. Look at the bolts and nuts or keys sealing the engine to know if it has been opened. Check the chassis in front of the radiator as well.

4. Look for Signs of Rust

Have a quick walk around the car and see if rust is causing holes on the bodywork. If any, this car won’t be reliable when it rains.

5. Inspect the Electrical Components

If you notice poorly installed wiring and tapes everywhere, ask questions. If the answer is not reasonable, don’t buy.

6. Look for Leaks

Start with the spot where the car was parked and see if there are any leaks. If any, find out which fluid is seeping through, whether it’s engine oil, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, etc.

7. Check the Tyres

They can be worn no problem, but check for tread wear, is it worn on one side, along the middle, both edges? They all mean different things. A car with a bad axle is bad news.

8. Test Drive

Take this car for a test drive where you’ll observe the following:

  • How the gears change
  • How the engine revs
  • How the gears change and
  • How smooth the engine sounds

If you hear any abnormal noises from the engine, it’s a problem you have to weigh the cost of repairs before you buy. You can easily fix other issues but when it concerns the engine and gearbox, it’s tricky.

Don’t forget to go with a scanner, or bring your own mechanic if you don’t have good knowledge. A mechanic should check for sludge in the engine because Nigerians generally have a bad vehicle maintenance culture, so you’re likely to see a Toyota car with sludge due to wrong engine oil being used for a long time. It also means that the engine has been abused by the owner.

You won’t see a perfect Toyota car below 1 million naira but that doesn’t mean you should buy a car that will break down at the next traffic light.

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