Cars Below 1 Million in Nigeria

It’s not that there are no 1 million naira cars in Nigeria, there are, and in fact, a lot of them. The problem is that many of the car deals you’ll see are managed by middlemen who increase the price for their own gain. For example, the original owner may say that they want to sell their vehicle for 1.1 million but an agent will convince them that nobody will pay this amount. Now, the owner will reduce the price to about 800k, while the agent lists it for sale at 2 million. You can now see where the problem is, right?

So, yes, there are cars below 1 million naira in Nigeria in good condition, with working AC, engine, and paperwork. You just have to know where to look, especially those distress sales from the real owners. We have lots of these cars available, and hopefully, you’ll find one here for yourself.

Cars Below 1 Million in Nigeria

Foreign used Toyota Yaris 2008

A 2008 Toyota Yaris is available with no  mechanical issue but you still have to bring your own mechanic for pre purchase inspection. This car is in perfect condition, all papers available, and AC and engine in working condition. The owner price is ₦1.1 million. Good deal.

Lexus ES 350

You can even buy this 2007 model year vehicle with an untampered engine. No, you won’t find toks at this rate, so what is available is Nigerian used with some mechanical work to do that won’t cost more than 500k. It comes with a chilling AC.

Toyota Camry Big Daddy

You know the Big Daddy Camry, as it’s called in Nigeria. It’s available for 1.9 million. You’ll find these cheap deals for sale in states like Kwara state. Other features:

  • Comes with unscrewed 4-plug engine
  • Automatic Gear
  • Neat interior and exterior
  • Cold chilling AC

Toyota Corolla O4 for Sale

2004 Toyota Corolla with untouched engine and gear is also available with chilling AC. Very neat interior and exterior, and perfect for personal use or as a gift to someone who just wants to drive within the city.

Toyota Corolla 2005

If you have 1.7 million naira, buy this 2005 model Corolla. It’s first body, and nothing to fix. It runs perfectly. Working AC and powerful engine for serious buyers only.

RX300 Foreign Used

Also available is RX300 (foreign used) full option toks automatic. The starting price is 1.3 million naira. Available now for sale as foreign used with factory AC and very sound engine. This car is accident-free.

Hyundai (Nigerian Used)

Buy Hyundai toks, very clean like tokunbo because everything is working perfectly. There is nothing to fix in the engine. Gear and AC are working. This car goes for 1.6m.

Kia Rio

There is a distress sale of Kia Rio with sound interior and exterior. It comes with a factory fitted air condition for 1m. You can bargain this car for as low as 650k if you know how to talk.

Toyota Corolla LE 2006

Toyota Corolla LE 2006 available with factory AC, clean fabric interior, sound engine, and first body. Complete customs papers available. This deal is available in Kogi state at 1.1m naira.

Peugeot 306

Peugeot 306 distress sale available in the following condition:

  • Factory AC
  • Clean fabric interiorAutomatic transmission
  • Papers available
  • Sound engine

Price is 1m. This seller can sell it for 700,000 naira. You need your own mechanic to do a professional pre purchase inspection on this vehicle before you buy.

Toyota Yaris 2008

The model year is 2008. This car has no mechanical issues.

  • Good condition
  • Sound engine
  • Chilling AC
  • Papers available

Only ₦1.1m for serious buyers who like the Yaris 2008 model. If it’s Nigerian used, some people are willing to sell this car for just above 300k in Nigeria.

1995 Nissan Standard Xe

Nissan Standard Xe (1995) available with the following in working condition:

  • Factory fitted AC
  • Alloy wheels
  • Remote keys lock
  • 4 wheel ABS
  • Manual gear transmission
  • Quality airbags
  • Power windows
  • Fm/Am stereo
  • Fabric seats

1993 Toyota Corolla LE

You can also buy a 1993 Toyota Corolla LE with factory AC, clean fabric interior, first body, and sound engine for 1m. You can negotiate this one all the way down if you know how to outsmart these agents. The papers are available.

Toyota Corolla Verso (Tokunbo)

If you have 1.5m or at least 1.2m, get a Corolla Verso (2005 model). Available color is silver. It is a 4 plug engine with a chilling, factory air conditioner. CD/AM/FM, all air bags, and mirrors are in good condition.

The Toyota Corolla Verso has a power steering, fabric interior, automatic gear transmission, and alloy rim.

Peugeot 206 2000

Another available car below 1 million in Nigeria is Peugeot 206 2000 model with the following:

  • No mechanical issue
  • Good perfect condition
  • Sound engine
  • Working AC
  • Papers available

This car price starts from 1m but you should be bargaining down to 700,000. Bring your personal mechanic.

Toyota Tacoma Truck 2002

Available in the following condition:

  • Full option
  • Fabric seats
  • Auto transmission
  • Neat interior and exterior
  • First body
  • Good engine

Toyota Yaris

Available with manual drive, and everything in working condition. You will have to work on the AC compressor. A very good car for Bolt and private use.

What to Look for Before You Pay

Nobody really likes to buy Nigerian used cars when we have clean, first grade foreign used (tokunbo). As you can see, all available cars are either Naija used or toks. But if you don’t really have money, you can still settle for Nigerian used, and you may be lucky to buy from someone who knows how to maintain a car.

Even when you don’t have money, there are some Nigerian used cars you should avoid. Example is Mercedes Benz, unless you want to learn a bitter lesson. You won’t even drive this car up to 6 months before you start spending money on repairs that can make you bankrupt.

Now, before you pay the seller, below are a few helpful tips you should consider:

  • Bring a trusted mechanic with you. Don’t use the seller’s mechanic no matter what.
  • Have the mechanic inspect and even diagnose the car.
  • Check the transmission.
  • Don’t buy any car that has accident history after you check the VIN, unless you are willing to spend on repairs.
  • Verify all the papers to avoid buying a stolen or no-duty vehicle.
  • Check the ownership history. If this car has changed hands many times, don’t buy!
  • Avoid Nigerian used German cars.

After you secure this deal, go ahead with the registration in your state. On your end, make sure you practice good maintenance culture to keep the car running for a long time. If you maintain it in good shape, you’ll be able to sell it easily when the time comes.

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