Cars Below 300k [Available from Verified Sellers]

It’s true that the economy is not smiling right now in Nigeria. This means that you can’t find cheap cars anymore, we mean something in the region of 300k. However, it’s still possible and available. You could still get cars below 300k but it’ll mostly be pre 2000 model vehicles. If you see any car that is a 2000 model put for sale at 300,000 naira, I promise you it is going to be a lemon (a car with many safety issues), stolen, or a distress sale.

Aside from distress sales and other factors, the main question is whether this car will not spend more time at the mechanic than you are driving it. Now, if you really think someone is going to fall into so much misfortune that he or she will sell their car at a ridiculously low price, then you are not being realistic with yourself right now.

Anyway, we’ll still talk about the available cars below 300,000 in Nigeria right now that you can buy.

Cars Below 300k in Nigeria

I am going to show you the currently available cars within this budget that you should plan for. And you’ll find them, typically in your neighborhood.

Fairly Used Toyota Sienna

It’s a car in good condition if you are dealing with an honest owner. It’ll typically come with nothing to fix, and is working perfectly. The interior is typically clean too.

  • Price: 300k
  • Model year: 1998

This car is in a buy and drive condition, and it has automatic transmission. If you prefer an automatic transmission model, you’ll have to budget more funds.

Toyota Yaris 2002

This car is in its early model year, right? However, if you’re based in Lagos, you’ll find a 2002 Yaris for 300,000 naira or something a bit higher.

It won’t be in good condition. Sometimes, it can have a perfect body but won’t be a buy and drive vehicle. The only good thing is that the custom duty is paid, including ownership papers.

2004 Camry LE

There is also a 2004 Camry LE, surprisingly newer than 90s models that should cost cheaper. I bought one myself for 350k. It was worth it, but I also had to invest more money in repairs.

This one has a good engine and gear with working/chilling A/C. It is neatly painted with a clean interior. The minor problem is a cracked windshield and is baked on first body without filler.

Honda CR-V

If you like CRVs, then Honda CR-V will do. Something in the 90s will sell for 300k. Helped a friend buy one for business use. You’ll find one in the following condition:

  • Smooth 4 plug engine
  • Automatic gear
  • AC needs repair

Tokunbo auction sales Toyota Camry Drop Light

Or, you can go for a toks Toyota Camry Pencil Light model. You don’t really see it around these days, but it’s still very much available, and a strong car.

  • Buy and drive
  • Good working condition
  • Available for sale for 390k

MAZDA 626 2000 Model Wagon

This 2000 model car has a manual gear, so if you are an automatic fan, stay away. Good for Nigerian economy with its high fuel economy. You can buy this car for personal use or transport and logistics. I do like manual transmission cars in my inventory—they are tougher to learn to drive but usually the best experience when you know how to handle them.

Toyota Corolla CE

Settle with a Corolla, especially if you want something for Bolt or Uber (Lagos and Abuja).

  • Model year: 1985
  • Car condition: Tokunbo
  • Type of car: 2-door
  • Vehicle price: #370,000

Golf 3 Saloon

Currently available for sale at affordable price of #350, 000. Yes, it has complete documents and is working on a good condition. This 300k car is in a buy and drive condition. A Golf 3 Saloon is a good car. At 300k, you’ll put down some more money to make this ride a lot more comfortable for you.

Nissan Almera (two door)

If you like a 2-door, you can buy a Nissan Almera. Not a good car for family functions. Is only good for business or personal stuff you want to drive around for.

  • Manual transmission
  • Engine and gear
  • AC need work

Kia Rio

If you like something small for city riding, then you know Kia Rio is built for this. This car costs 300k due to distress sale. Other important things you need to know:

  • Sound interior
  • Good exterior
  • Factory fitted air condition

You won’t spend money on repairs, and this car is generally very friendly with Nigerian roads.

Peugeot 306

  • Automatic transmission
  • Factory AC
  • Clean fabric interior
  • First body
  • Sound engine

Yes, papers for this car are available. You won’t see a lot of Peugeot cars like you would see Toyota but they are really good. However, make sure you only repair this car at the certified workshop.

What to Do Before You Pay for This Car

All these 300k tokunbo vehicles are what a lot of people are buying now since car prices have skyrocketed. However, there are some important things every buyer should know before you make payment.

1. The seller should have an ID

If the seller does not have an identity, don’t buy from them, even if your friend introduced you to the person. That’ll be buying from a random person, and you won’t have anyone to hold responsible if something goes wrong. For example, if it’s a stolen vehicle, you don’t have someone to hold for your money back.

2. Use a good mechanic for pre-purchase inspection of the car

Maybe you have owned cars in the past, and think your knowledge about cars is enough. Don’t try that, especially for a car that you are buying with just 300,000 naira. Get a mechanic—should be someone you trust. Don’t use the seller’s mechanic because they won’t say, “It’s bad, don’t buy.” A mechanic will know where to look, including checking for rust under the vehicle or inspecting the paint to know if there are any fillers used.

3. Inspect the vehicle papers

You are going to ask the seller to give you the custom papers, and all documents should be intact. As for the title, if it does not show the name of the seller, don’t buy. Tell the seller to bring the original owner who will sign over the title, else, you won’t be able to register it.

You’re going to check the VIN/chassis number written or inscribed on the windshield. It can also be under the engine hood and side of the door. If the information from the VIN does not match the information on the title or what the seller claims, don’t buy the car.

4. Don’t just buy without trying to negotiate

It’s a 300k car but that doesn’t mean the price can’t be reduced, especially if the car is not looking very clean.

You can also negotiate the cost of processing your change of ownership and registration fees alongside the cost of the car. Changing ownership, including the price of number plates are expensive now, so you have to include this in your bargain.

5. Proceed to register this car in your name

After you pay for this car, you’ll sign an agreement with the seller and get a purchase receipt to show that you legally acquired this car. But note that this car is not yet your own until you have registered it in your state. You’ll also need this receipt during the registration.

If you’re in Lagos, for example, you’ll contact the MVAA (Motor Vehicle Administration Agency) for your vehicle registration.

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