Cheapest Toyota Car in Nigeria

We actually have really cheap Toyota cars. But first, know that cheap is relative, i.e., for some buyers, 1 million could be cheap while 3 million is what is cheap to others. Toyota is very popular in Nigeria, so much that sometimes the popularity increases the value. For example, a used Corolla is expensive due to demand in Nigeria right now.

That doesn’t mean you can’t own a reliable car right now. You can, and we have lots of cheap Toyota options for the average Nigerian on a budget. It’s even cheaper when you’re buying a Nigerian used from a direct owner rather than a dealer or middleman. Also, tokunbo is a bit more expensive, so you’ll have to settle with a Nigerian used depending on your pocket.

Cheapest Toyota Car in Nigeria

1. Toyota Corolla 2005

If you have 2m to 3m, bring it and drive home this 2005 Toyota Corolla Bank Type. This is one of Bolt’s favorite cars. The Corolla 2005 model will make your life much easier, and you’ll think less about cost of fuel, maintenance, and availability of parts. The engine and gear system are not problematic like Toyota Big Daddy/BIG For NOTHING (Toyota Camry 2002-2006). It’s smooth to drive and reliable for long haul journeys anywhere in Nigeria.

2. Toyota Camry 2005

Bring 1.5m to 3m naira and collect this Toyota Camry 2005. Many places in Nigeria are known for Toyota, and Camry is the people’s car. A lot of this is that Toyota Camry is reliable for Nigerian roads, and has good resale qualities, just like an iPhone. If you eventually consider an upgrade, your Camry will resell very fast and for a fair price. Camry is also a good car for Bolt.

We have a Nigerian used Camry 2005 available with a second body, neat interior and exterior, sound engine and gearbox, and complete papers. You won’t see toks for 5 million. The interior of the Camry is, unfortunately, far from luxury.

3. Toyota Matrix 2004

Toyota Matrix 2004 tokunbo available at 2.6 million naira in Nigeria. No dent, second body, chilling AC, and with complete papers. The Matrix is often stereotyped as a female car due to its looks, even though there is no way on it where it’s written “for ladies only”. This car is just too good, and has an excellent fuel economy.

You can ask owners—this car requires transmission fluid to be changed very often. 30k miles is a recommended cycle but you can do the fluid change yearly. If you keep using the recommended Toyota type IV fluid, you’re good.

As for the cons, Toyota Matrix hates bad roads. It has the worst interior in a car, ugly dashboard, and the buttons tend to peel off much easily.

4. Toyota Sienna 1998

Toyota Sienna is a trusted mini van in Nigeria, and is available for 2.5m for the ’98 model. Note that Siennas are V6 engines. If you compare another vehicle of 4 plugs with it, it definitely consumes more. More does not mean it takes too much fuel. This car is commonly used for commercials, so it is economical for what it is.

It is economical and fast compared to other vehicles in its class. But if you are after fuel economy, go for a Toyota Corolla with i4 engine—you won’t get performance but it is negligible on the highway.

You’ll find this distress sale on Toyota Sienna with a clean interior and exterior. AC needs attention. Otherwise, the tyres are good and the engine and gear work perfectly.

5. Toyota 4Runner 2002

1.5 million naira will get you a cheap Toyota 4Runner 2002. Go for 4runner if what you prioritize are durability, reliability, mechanic handling, ground clearance level, and after use resale value. 4Runners, particularly this 2002 generation, tend to bring a premium if you maintain it in decent condition.

A 4Runner is also capable off-road. It’s a vehicle with legendary reliability, huge aftermarket scene and repair parts), and aesthetically good for its year.

6. Toyota RAV4 1999

Also available is a ’99 Toyota RAV4. This compact crossover SUV goes for 1.7 million naira right now. Like Honda CRV, Toyota RAV/4 is a reliable SUV. It will last for years with good care, and runs over 200K miles. It doesn’t carry the newest technology, but it will run, run, and run. The 4WD 3.5L V6, for example, is very good. Apart from routine maintenance, you won’t have any issues. It is easy to maintain and economical if you compare it to other cars of its kind.

7. Toyota Avensis 2000

Bring 2.5 million naira and collect Avensis 2000. This is a machine with good fuel economy considering its ability. It has good speed and cheap maintenance. This Toyota Avensis is a car with both economy and class. Avensis parts are quite expensive compared to Corolla. But the Toyota Avensis is much more luxurious and better.

Why is Avensis cheap? It’s below Camry in terms of what it offers but not as good as Toyota Corolla in fuel economy.

8. Toyota Yaris 2007

We also have the Toyota Yaris 2007 for 2.5 m from the direct owner. This is an ideal car for a first timer. It is easy to drive, easy to maintain and frugal on gas But then, there is a stereotype that Yaris is for women and students, or so most people say.

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