Buy the Cheapest Toyota Camry in Nigeria [Available]

Cars are a bit expensive in Nigeria right now, especially Toyota models. But we have some cheaper options available for sale, either as distress sales or an owner who just wants to upgrade to a new car. We have to understand that cheap is relative. So, for some of us, it could be a Toyota below 1 million while another person is looking at a Toyota car of 3 million naira. Whichever one applies to you, we have some deals available for your pocket size.

Cheapest Toyota Camry in Nigeria

Toyota Camry 1999

The Toyota Camry (1999 model) is available for 1 million naira right now, and is the cheapest Toyota Camry in Nigeria. You can even bargain out this ride for 800k. It’s not luxurious, doesn’t have an attractive interior but is cheap.

Many places in Nigeria are known for Toyota, and Camry is the people’s car. A lot of this is that Toyota Camry is reliable for Nigerian roads, and has good resale qualities, just like an iPhone. If you eventually consider an upgrade, your Camry will resell very fast and for a fair price. Camry is also a good car for Bolt.

We have a Nigerian used Camry 1999 available with a second body, neat interior and exterior, sound engine and gearbox, and complete papers. You won’t find its toks for 1 million.

Toyota Camry 2004

You can buy this Toyota Camry 2004 model for 2.6 m. It’s typically priced between 2 m to 3 m. Camry 04 is one of Bolt’s favorite cars. Go for the 2004 Camry, and you’ll be glad you made this decision. This ride has good fuel economy, the engine and gear systems are not problematic, smooth to drive, reliable for city rides, etc. The spare parts are also available anytime and anywhere in Nigeria, which means they are not expensive, compared to some other vehicles other than Toyota.

Toyota Avalon XL 2004

With 1.6 to 2.4 million naira, you’ll buy this cheap Toyota Avalon XL 2004. For some reason, the Nigerian car market does not highly rate the Toyota Avalon like the Camry. However, it is a nice luxury and mature ride.

If what you want is a cheap, nice vehicle, then go for this Avalon. This car is a fuel guzzler compared to a Camry, though. It’s a V6 so it’s expected. Avoid Avalon if you can’t afford the weekly fuel expense. Again, Toyota Avalon is a V6 that is heavy on fuel.

But if what you really want is a machine with luxury finish, then buy this 04 Avalon. Much better than the lightweight Corolla, which is known for Uber.

Toyota Corolla LE 2006

Right now, the Toyota Corolla LE 2006 is going for 4 million. It’s Uber drivers’ favorite. Corolla is more preferable in terms of fuel economy and maintenance unlike a model like Matrix. It also has good second hand value. So, if fuel economy and maintenance are your concerns, go for Corolla but don’t expect any performance from this car. Unfortunately, Corolla is a very targeted car by thieves, and is even called thieves magnet. If you are buying this car, make sure you live in a populated area.

Toyota Yaris 2004

Also available is the Yaris 2004 for 3.5 to 4.5m. It’s not the cheapest available here, but as we said, cheap is relative. This Yaris is an ideal car if you are a first timer. It is easy to drive, cheap to maintain and doesn’t gulp fuel. But then, Yaris has a stereotype that it is for women and students, or so everyone says.

The cheapest Toyota Camry in Nigeria we have is the Toyota Camry 1999. You can’t go wrong with this vehicle in terms of ownership and maintenance affordability. However, it’s not the perfect ride if you’re after luxury.

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