2 Million Naira Cars in Nigeria [Direct Owner Prices]

2 million naira sounds like big money but it isn’t, at least not with the current car market. But we still have used cars you can buy available within this range, both Nigerian used and tokunbo. It won’t be a dream car but will do the job, which is take you from point A to point B. A lot of the good cars we have at this rate are from direct sellers. You don’t want to deal with middlemen or dealers because they typically inflate the prices of cars.

There are lots of 2 million naira cars in Nigeria. However, the average internet Joe will tell you that you can’t find a car at this rate. Well, you can, and we have a lot of them looking for serious buyers.

2 Million Naira Cars in Nigeria

Honda Accord 2005

With 2m, get this Honda Accord 2005, clean body, chilling AC, and sound engine. Models from 2007 are actually a lot costlier, like 3m and above.

Now, something about this 05 Accord is that it’s a mix of luxury and affordability. A lot of people are going to say, “Go for Honda,” and they are right if you value cheap luxury.

The problem? Honda Accord is notorious for leg issues. But for 2 million, a good Nigerian used will do the job. Honda is generally a lovely vehicle, and a lot luxurious compared to Toyota.

Toyota Camry 2006

Many places in Nigeria are known for Toyota, and Camry is the people’s car. A lot of this is that Toyota Camry is reliable for Nigerian roads, and has good resale qualities, just like an iPhone. If you eventually consider an upgrade, your Camry will resell very fast and for a fair price. Camry is also a good car for Bolt.

We have Camry 06 available with second body, neat interior and exterior, sound engine and gearbox, and complete papers. You’ll see 2001 toks for 2 million but 2006 will be Nigerian used, except you are lucky. The interior of Camry, is unfortunately, far from luxury.

Honda CRV 2003

We have Honda CRV 2003 for sale with complete papers, and direct seller price. Like we mentioned, middlemen prices are a rip-off you want to avoid when buying a used car. Generally, Honda CRV 2003 is solid and dependable. However, for this car, you have to pay more attention to the shaft, which is its weakest point because you might have to replace a couple of times during your ownership.

The rear struts on CRV 2003 are not too strong. So, if you need a car you can load lots of weight in the boot, don’t buy this one. It will wear out faster and leaves that negative camber. Apart from that, Honda CRV is just a regular, dependable machine that will serve you well.

Toyota Corolla (Bank Type) 2007

With 2m, get this Toyota Corolla 2007 bank type vehicle. If you fuel this car with 5k, you can drive it for 3 weeks—just kidding. But seriously, Toyota did some magic with the fuel economy of this vehicle, and need to share the secret with other manufacturers.

It’s affordable but you won’t get 2007 tokunbo for 2 million naira. So, we only have Nigerian used for 2m, with second body, sound engine, chilling AC, and clean interior. The average Toyota Corolla has a high resale value. It also has low maintenance cost.

Unfortunately, Corolla isn’t so good looking. The manual transmission model has a history of developing clutch problems and could be very hard to fix. Otherwise, this car is a good buy. For 2 million naira, it’s a steal.

Kia Picanto 2009

If you need a car you can just use around town, you need this Kia Picanto 2009. 2009? Can I really get it for 2m? For a Nigerian used, yes the Picanto is available at this amount. It’s a car with excellent fuel economy. If you’re a university student or lecturer who just wants to keep it low and save money, get this Kia Picanto. This is a perfect ride for mobility since refueling will become your least worries.

The disadvantage of this city car is that it has a short and low hood, and is mostly feminine, if you care about that. However this disadvantage is also an advantage because the driver gets to have an ariel view of the front that makes getting in an accident less likely.

Hyundai Accent 06

Buy a Hyundai Accent 06 with sound engine, Nigerian used, neat interior, and chilling AC. It comes with complete papers. Accent 06 is a lovely car, and also a strong one. The only problem you’ll have with this car is that it requires specialist mechanics, and the parts are not rampantly available like most Toyota.

Mazda 6 2006

Mazda 6 2006 is available for 2 million naira in Nigeria. It’s a bit of luxury, and generally a great car with sophisticated and stylishly sporty build. It’s fast, fuel efficient, and reliable for Nigerian roads. Very cheap to maintain. Parts are readily available in most places in Nigeria.

You won’t see a lot of Mazda 6 parked on the roadside or in a mechanic’s workshop. It’s a strong car, and its owners know what they own. Both toks and Nigerian used Mazda 6 are likely to be as reliable as any Japanese car you can think of. Mazda 6 wiill give you everything the you can’t find in Camry.

Honda Civic 2007

Honda Civic 2007 is available with clean body, sound engine, medium-high mileage, and chilling AC. It’s a simple, beautiful, and reliabls with good resale value but not as fast as the Toyota. Civic is a good choice, especially the 2006 to 2011 generation. They generally have good reviews and are cheaper to maintain in terms of parts.

Fortunately, you won’t experience the leg pulling off like other Honda models. Civic 2007 is a good alternative to a Corolla due to the cost of owning a Toyota Corolla right now.

Toyota Matrix 2004

Toyota Matrix 2004 tokunbo available at 2m in Nigeria. No dent, second body, chilling AC, and with complete papers. The Matrix is often stereotyped a female car due to its looks, even though there is no way on it where it’s written “for ladies only”. This car is just too good, and has an excellent fuel economy.

You can ask owners—this car requires transmission fluid to be changed very often. 30k miles is recommended cycle but you can do the fluid change yearly. If you keep using the recommended Toyota type IV fluid, you’re good.

As for the cons, Toyota Matrix hates bad roads. It has the worst interior in a car, ugly dashboard, and the buttons tend to peel off much easily.

Lexus ES 330 2004

Lexus is produced by Toyota so you are buying a vehicle safe for Nigerian roads. It’s the Luxury arm of Toyota with better quality, look and feel. It is also more expensive to maintain, and has a bigger engine, so it takes more fuel than Camry. The oil and replacement parts are about 20% more expensive than Toyota’s but Lexus has a similar durability if not better. This ES 330 2004 toks costs around 2.9 million naira.

Peugeot 406 2005

People who don’t drive Peugeot 406 2005 miss out on a lot, including stability and durability. Yes, there is Peugeot 406 2005 available for 2 million naira as Nigerian used from direct seller—no middle men involved. The engine is sound, gearbox is working, and interior is clean. The ‘Fox’ 406 is a very good ride for long distance journies. It has good fuel economy, excellent stability onhigh speed, rugged suspensions, and AC chilling. Compared to Japanese cars, 406 2005 is much cheaper to maintain. Its original spare parts are readily available and very cheap unlike its Toyota and Honda counterparts.

The shock absorbers on the Peugeot 406 2005 won’t become faulty if well-maintained. You only need to change the linkages. Also, don’t wash the engine of this car with water and make sure to replace the air cleaner/dust puruifier after you buy it.

Volvo S60 2.4T 2001

Volvo S60 is one of the 2 million naira cars in  Nigeria right now. In fact, if you know how yo bargain well, you’ll get this ride for less than 2 million naira. S60 2001 is a very reliable car, and we know Volvo for its advancement in technology compared to its peers, and is also much cheaper to buy and maintain.

Buy this Volvo now, if not, Nigerians will soon discover the secret Volvo users have been enjoying and flock into it. Unfortunately, this will increase its Nigerian used price, as well as the replacement parts.

Volvo S60 or even S40 has a better service and fuel economy than most cars of the same year production, including Toyota and Honda. Just make sure to buy this one with clean interior and exterior and sound engine, with AC chilling.

Don’t forget to bring your mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection before you pay for the car.

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